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Holder benefits

Your benefits as a holder.
When it comes to our holder benefits, they are deeply in line of - how we want to award our supporters through this one-year period. Those awards include some regular NFT project related awards, such as raffles & giveaways, but also some specific to our project.

Basis of holder benefits

Holder giveaways Regularly providing giveaways to our holders, in a sense of NFTs and WL spots to other projects as prizes. The more our NFTs you're holding the better chances you have at winning those.
Holder only games Playing most of the games in our discord is exclusive for holders, winning at them gives you valuable prizes.
Mint benefits Each holder of 2 Dysmos is securing 1 spot for the next Dysmo mint (4 for 2 spots, and so on) at discounted price. Each holder of 1 MixBreed is securing 1 spot for the next Dysmo mint at cheapest price.
Mix Breeds Besides minting benefits, MixBreeds serve as the most valuable asset in holder giveaways (10x entry per giveaway), and also as a "joker" for Merch related requirements. For example, if the current Merch Hunt is for a Hoodie, then all "Hoodie trait" holders are in the game, but also all MixBreed holders too.
After Study Pre-dox dinner Available only to several holders. Details in due time.
Old special roles perks In the first phases of our discord server, we've had 3 special roles which could have been won by playing certain games. Those roles are: Fast, first, famous; Quizist & Cypher Braniac. Details about their benefits in due time.


A special part of our Holder benefits is a chance for every holder to win a historical merch item. Those items are very limited and only available to our holders to be won, it is not possible to buy them. First such item was our Hoodie, which 7 lucky members have won in different ways.
Next merch item coming soon.

Thesis study benefits

All the Dysmo NFT holders will be heavily benefited for the Thesis study mint.