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Study - highlight of our project
The Thesis study is the main focus of the whole T&D project. Dysmorphia NFTs do play a crucial role in "NFT-sation" of the whole process, and in making this a fully NFT related story. Details to that are explained in Dysmorphia NFT project.

2 Phases

The main background happening is researching the CNFT space. The research is divided in 2 phases:
Phase 1 (P1): From August/September until March 2023 - approximately 6 months. In this phase we're researching our own project as a case study and researching general sentiments in the space only through our own community. Details explained in Phase 1. Phase 2 (P2): From March 2023 - August/September 2023 - approximately 6 months. In this phase we're continuing with everything from the Phase 1, but we're also including a lot of other projects from the space to our study. Details explained in Phase 2. <-Hot Topic

What are we researching?

Some of the main questions of our interest are: How to create a successful NFT project? What makes people trust in a project? Why do people FUD? Is doxxing important? Who are the long-lasting supporters? What makes people flip/hold? Is this all a game of money and hype? Want to know more about moderators in space? Want to know more about founders in space?