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Profile Pictures collection representing "Dysmorphic people".
Holding a Dysmo means a lot. Our Dysmorphia NFT project is indeed playing by the regular NFT "rules" - we created twitter, we created discord, we minted, we giveaway-ed, we have community, we have activities. When you hold a Dysmo you're an important part of it all. But that's not the whole story.

More to it than meets the eye.

Our project serves a purpose outside of being an NFT project per se. It is an object of our study, a supporting mechanism in creation of our study and key to opportunities in space which opened to us as project founders. More about all Dysmo's purposes here.

Where's the value coming from?

Value of every Dysmorphia NFT is in the fact that it makes the Thesis study possible. For that reason, Dysmo holders are those who will be having heavy benefits when it comes to minting Thesis study. Intrinsically, the value of every Dysmo is coming from the community which understands and supports what we are creating in the background. Thus, we have created a special set of Holder benefits too.

What's the story behind the Dysmo characters?

Read more about it here.
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